Some parents are interested in names created from combining names. The use of created names wasn’t always simple. At one time, there were sort of unwritten rules about how names could be combined and names were created in rather rote ways so that children in one family might have names that start with the same two letters. Some parents used a part of a name and added creative endings. It could also occur that some children were named with initials. Names could also be created with parts of several names so there would not be just one meaning for the name.

* Two Names Combined into One:

There were some parents, particularly of girls, that joined two names to make one new one which could have a base of something like Ann or Lynn. When you look at the following selection of names, you will be able to see the two names that were used to make one name.

Annabelle: This combination of Anne and Belle was used during the 19th century, then disappeared but is starting to reappear. It can be seen as Annabel and Annabella.

Annabeth;Annalise: these names are combinations of Anne and Elizabeth. These names were very popular in Europe. Germans favored Annalise. Annabeth became more popular here with Annabeth Gish from the television show The X Files.

Ann-Margaret: This is an English name and it is obvious which two names have been combined. Most of us will know about the famous celebrity who uses only the name Ann Margaret.

Billy Jean: This is also an English combined name formed from William and Joan. There are many compound names made from two independent names but used as a single name. We have heard of the tennis star named Billie Jean King.

Carrie-Anne: Sometimes the hyphen in a name is there just to make sure that everyone knows it is to be used as a single name

Ellamae: This English name is a combination of Ella and Mary. This name might sound a little like the Ellie Mae who was featured in the television show Beverly Hillbillies.

Geralyn: This name became used mid 20th century after the muse of Geraldine. It seems to be a combination of Gerald and Lynn.

Joanne: Combine Jo and Anne and you have Joanne although it is actually a variation of Joan.

JuanCarlos: This is a combined Spanish male name from Juan and Carlos. This and Giancarlo might be seen in Italy and Spain.

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Katelynn: Combination of Kate and Lynn. It might be from the Gaelic name Caitlin or from Katherine.

Kaylynn: This compound name has just recently come back to use. One might see Kaerlyn, Kailyn or Kaylyn.

Loriann: This name is a combination of Laura and Anne. This combination began to be used in the 60s.

Marianne: It seems logical that this name is a combination of Mary and Anne. It began as Mariana in Latin countries and Marion in English. The combination became popular in the middle of the 20th century. There are variations of this name including Mariann, Maryann, and MaryAnne.

Marilee: The two names for this combination are obviously Mary and Lee. The two can also be seen as Marlee. We all know the actress Marlee Matlin.

Marisol: This is a Spanish name combined from Mary and the word ‘sol’ which means “sun.” You may have heard of a woman with this name.

Marybeth, Marlys: These names are both combinations of Mary and Elizabeth and were popular in the middle of the 20th century.

Maryjo: There were a number of names combined with Mary during the mid 20th century. Jo was quite the popular girl’s name at the time.

Rosemary: This is a combined English name which was actually used in the 18th century and then became more popular in the first quarter of the 20th century when there was a musical called Rose Marie. Of course, Rosemary is a popular herb and there were a lot of names of plants used in the 18th century. There is a famous singer named Rosemary Clooney (George Clooney’s aunt) and a movie called Rosemary’s Baby.

* Using Initials as Names:

There is some popular use of initials as names for both genders possibly because one cannot recognize the gender when the name is heard. Some initial combinations sound like names so K.C. can sound like Casey. Sometimes initial names could have a meaning for parents such as a combination of the first letters of names of relatives. The following is a selection of names that have emerged from combinations of initials.

Artie: The name is one for both genders and the initials would be R.T. This is an old name which was used by women in the early 20th century and by men several decades later.

Effie: F.E. are the initials for the name which could have come from Euphemia. It was used around the turn of the 20th century and into the middle of the century. Now, it would be used not so much.

Ellie: L.E. are the initials, but the name might also come from Ellen. You may hear the name used today.

Jaycee, Jayce: The first name is female and the second is male. J.C. would be the initials. The name has risen in popularity during the past few decades.

* Invented Names:

Currently, parents seem to be able to take parts of names and combine them to create a new name. Sometimes, the created name will be one of a kind. At times, a created name may become very popular. The African American culture are very creative with names using parts of names from many parts of their cultural history, In the following selection of combined and created names, you will find a lot of ingenuity in creating names.

Arlene: This English name is probably created from names that had ‘ar’ and ‘line’ in them. This name could have come from Caroline or Charlene. It’s popularity was highest between the late 19th and early 20th centuries.

Davon(te): This is a male name that has been invented probably from a number of sources such as the last name Devante, Devon, and Deonte and some other variations including Kavon.

Deangelo: This is a male Italian name that began as meaning “descendant of Angelo.” It is also seen as a last name DeAngelo or D’Angelo.

Delois: This is actually a French female name which was originally a last name that meant “descendant of Louis.” Then, it was used as a first name because of an addition to the name Lois.

Demonte: This male name is Italian and means ”from the mountain.” There is also a French name, Lamont, which basically means the same thing.

Denisha: It is possible that this is a combined female name related to Denise. The name, Kenisha, may also be from the same female name. Sometimes ‘K’ and ‘D’ replace each other in name combinations.

Deshawn: It appears that this name was coined from adding the ‘D’ part to the male name Sean. The name came into use around the 70s. Other combined names with this framework include DeShawn, Deshaun, Keyshawn, Rashaan, and Tyshawn. This particular name is a good example of how some combined names came into existence.

Doreen: This is a female name that could have come from the Celtic “Doireann” but it could also be a combination of Dorothy and Charlene. It was most popular during the mid 20th century.

Jaden: This is a name used by both genders and one will hear the name today. Jadon was first a biblical name meaning “he will judge.” There are sort of rules for this combined name. Typically, the name can begin with ‘j, d, k, or t.’ The sound that goes in the middle would be ‘v,d,l,r.’ Any vowels can be used. However, if the name ends with ‘yn’, it is probably a girl’s name while names that end with ‘on’ are boy’s names. One has a lot of leeway on coining this type of nam.

Jamar: The ‘mar’ part of the male name could be part of a last name or taken from the name ‘Marcus.’ This name could also be seen as Jamari and Jamarcus.

Jalen: Here is another name used, with some variation, by both genders. This is another one of the three consonant names that vary in spelling which indicates whether the bearer of the name is a male or female. With girls, the name could be Jaylynn or Jaylene, or Jayla. Boy names might be Jalon, Jaylan, and Jaylen.

Kiana: This is a combined female name that might have been created from Diana or Tiana.

Lakeisha, Keisha: When these female names came into being, Keisha was more commonly use The names were populkar in the 70s and 80s.

Latasha: This female name seemed to have been created by adding the ‘la’ to tasha perhaps from the name Natalie. The name became used also in the 70s and 80s.

Latrell: This male name may have come from an English last name, ‘Lutrell’ which meant ‘otter.’

Lavada,Laveda: This female name has actually been around since the 19th century. It could be a Hebrew or Latin name but the specific origin is unknown. The original spellings became coined into LaVada or LaVeda.

Laverne: This is a French name used by both genders meaning ‘place of the alder trees.’ Now, it might be a form of Verna or Vernon. Our knowledge of the name probably comes from the famous television show from decades ago called Laverne and Shirley.

Malissa: This female name could possibly be a variation of Melissa.

Mindy: This name for a girl is a mixture of Cindy. This was a popular name in the 50s but not so much in the last decades even though we might watch television reruns of Mork and Mindy.

Shamar: This male name is one that combined ‘Sha’ with ‘mar. It has come into use relatively recently and might also be spelled Shemar.

baby-namesShanda: This female name might also be spelled as Shonda and possibly came from Shawn or switching the ‘r’ from Rhonda to an‘s.’

Shanice: The name Janice may be the original source for this combined name. The name became used toward he end of the 20th century.

Shanita: This coined female name became popular in the 80s. It may come from the name ‘Shanika’ or from the name ‘Shanta’ a Sanskrit name that means ‘calm.’

Shaylee: This female name seems to be a combination of ‘sha’ with ‘lee.’ This name is used currently,

Tamela: This combined female name is probably a change of the ‘p’ in Pamela to a ‘t.’

Tangela: This name was popular in the 70s and was most likely coined from adding a ‘t’ to the name Angela.

Teagan: This is a female name and it has several possibilities regarding origin. It could be coined from the Gaelic name Tadhgan (a male name). It could have come from Megan or a switch in first letter from Regan. The name has become popular more recently than a number of others in this current selection of names.

Tyree: This male name could be a shortened ‘Tyresse’ or it might have originated with a French last name.

Tyrone: Tyrone is a Gaelic male name that means ‘Owen’s land.’ Originally, it was a last name but, in the 30s, it began to be used as a first name possibly due to the famous actor, Tyrone Power. The name did eventually decrease in popularity. There is some use of the name ‘Ty’ and it might be heard currently.

If parents are interested in exploring how names have been combined, there was a lot of information provided in the above selection of names. There is a lot of creativity in creating names, but one can see that a lot of combined names involve the switching of certain letters of a name either at the beginning or in the middle of the name. Parents can use two names to make a single name. Some parents might like the idea of using initials for their child’s name and this article presented some samples of how that could be done. There are many ways to create a combined name for a baby.

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