What Is Sleep Apnea?

Sleep apnea is a very serious and dangerous disorder in which breathing is interruptedĀ and can potentially be completely stopped during sleep. Sleep Apnea often occurs to those with diabetes, weight issues and more. It’s not always caused by another health issue, but in the majority of people, a clean diet and weight loss can easily solve the problem.

Can Sleep Apnea kill you?

I’ve been asked many times whether sleep apnea can kill you. I have to be honest with friends who ask me this disturbing question because the truth is yes sleep apnea can kill you. It can halt your breathing completely and cause you to die in your sleep. This is why if you have severe sleep apnea it’s recommended to get an oxygen tank and breathing mask for when you sleep.

sleep apnea

How serious is sleep apnea?

Sleep apnea is pretty serious. There are worse diseases and disorders out there and sleep apnea is fairly common, but the worse it is the more dangerous it is. On low levels of the disorder sleep apnea can be harmless, you may experience some loud snoring and occasionally be woken up, however on the serious levels you can die and breathing could be stopped.

How do I cure sleep apnea?

The first and easiest way to cure sleep apnea is to simply sleep on your back. Sleeping on your back reduces the restriction on your chest and lungs and allows you to take deeper breaths. Another easy and simple cure is to lose excess weight, often times people experience that the weight on their chest from the excess fat causes sleep apnea and difficulty breathing. Not only does weight loss help with a range of other health issues but it helps greatly with sleep apnea.

Overall the best cure is to get to sleep the quickest. I’ve seen videos like how to fall asleep fast that summarizes some great ways to fall asleep easily and get a good nights sleep.