VersionTech 2400 DPI Gaming Mouse Review

If you love your Multiplayer Online Battle Arena(MOBA) video games, you would understand how key a good mouse or thumb drive is to acing the deadly action where not are your click reflexes are tested but is also how quickly your mouse translates your responses to the screen that matters. With gamers making a lot of money playing and streaming gameplay online, the market is full of serious thumb tracks at a range of prices that can get the job done. The VersionTech 2400 DPI gaming mouse is a cheap but effective solution to your evolving gaming needs.



VersionTech 2400 DPIThe mouse has an overtly graphic design on the exterior that is lit by a glaring LEDs inside that fit the mood of intense gaming marathons that you frequent. The mouse has a scroll wheel and an ergonomic design with rubber and skin friendly surfaces that make it easy for the mouse to be used for lengthy intervals, a must have for any good gaming mouse. The Versiontech gaming mouse can be connected to all 2.0/3.0 USB ports and does not need any drivers at all – all you have to really do is plug in the device to your PC/Laptop/Gaming console and start playing. The USB cord is also long enough to permit all kinds of adjustments in multiuser play. Also, the gaming mouse works on all different types of platforms – Windows Vista, Windows 8, Mac OS, Linux are all supported.


Finally, the key feature of the mouse is the four levels of adjustable DPI for the optical sensor in the mouse. You can choose between four different levels of sensitivity – 800/1200/1600/2400 DPI resolution. The varying levels are great if you use a lot of different surfaces to play.


Besides the scroll wheel, there are two side buttons on each side and an additional DPI button(to change the sensitivity) making it a total of six buttons. Also, the braided wire sync is provided with a defense magnet that prohibits interference when you are on multiplayer at a gaming conference or any other such gathering. This lets the mouse operate error-free at all times.


What are gamers saying about it?

The adjustable DPI is one great thing that users reviewing this mouse have appreciated. While it is often marketed that way, a large DPI is not always desirable and the four levels that you can control on the VersionTech gaming mouse really helps. Also, the futuristic design and the lighting that comes with it has received a bad rap, especially because it is more often than not just a red LED shining through. You can program it to change colors gradually but it is a hard job to do that and users more or less prefer to let it be. Professional gamers and experts such as Jeremy from TheTechInsider have stated that this gaming mouse is not as good as competitors in a similar price range.


Should you buy it?

The fact that the thumb scroll is so cheap is also great, especially for gamers who are not so serious(suppose they only play on the weekends) and beginners.