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Some parents are interested in names created from combining names. The use of created names wasn’t always simple. At one time, there were sort of unwritten rules about how names could be combined and names were created in rather rote ways so that children in one family might have names that start with the same two letters. Some parents used a part of a name and added creative endings Keep Reading

What You Need to Know About Young Single Mother Dating Online

Young mother with her baby working or studying on laptop

It would pretty much be safe to say that there are certainly a lot of women out there today that get pregnant during the early stages of their lives. As a matter of fact, there are some instances wherein the young age of these women are the cause of the instability that they have on their relationships. One problem that these women have in society is that they seem to treat them as if they are hopeless when it comes to love and romance Keep Reading

Top 10 Holiday Tips for Busy Parents


I haven’t been able to post for awhile here at EHP, but that doesn’t mean the posts haven’t been writing themselves in my head. They always do! I just don’t always get a moment to jot them down. But as we are on a plane for Thanksgiving travel and both EHP kids are asleep, I am seizing the moment where I can to write my top ten holiday realities for busy parents Keep Reading